How it Works

Adjust My Crown is a subscription-based photo sharing app available on iPhone and Android devices. With a subscription (special limited time introductory pricing is only $.99 per week, $2.99 per month, or $24.99 per year), you can post outfit polls, and a global community of style-loving subscribers will help you decide which to wear.

Your subscription allows for unlimited outfit posting, unlimited poll voting, and unlimited scrolling through a feed of others’ fits, and an archive of your winning looks.

Ready to start posting? Here’s how it works:

  • Download our app

    Which is available through the App Store on Apple and Android devices.

  • Subscribe

    Pay monthly or annually, whichever works best.

  • Shop your closet

    Pull together a pair (or 12!) of outfits

  • Snap some pics

    One rule: Don’t overthink it! We use background - and face-blurring technology to keep the focus solely on your fits.

  • Poll the community

    Upload a pair of pics and let the AMC community crown the winning look 👑 Repeat as needed!

  • Adjust your crown accordingly

    Dress confidently in the chosen fit. Enjoy your day!

  • Help others

    Cast your vote on others’ looks too. Feel good knowing you’ve helped them stand taller.

  • Get inspired

    Scroll your feed to find (authentic and unsponsored) looks you love. Hit save to recreate them later.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Adjust My Crown intended for?

 You, me, and anyone who has ever wondered, "How does this look?" or "How do I look?" or "Should I keep this?". We built AMC to be a safe space for style-loving adolescents, young adults, and adults of any age!

Why isn’t it free?

Adjust My Crown is meant to be a 100% joyful space, so ads and sponsored content — which are designed to conjure feelings of inadequacy, envy, and need — are a no-go here. Subscriptions allow us to sustain an ad-free business model — plus, requiring a subscription ensures that AI bots aren’t casting votes on your polls.

Can I post single images to AMC?

Nope, it's gotta be a pair! We designed AMC so that no one's tallying likes vs. dislikes, nos vs yeses. The only input users receive is a HIGHLIGHTED crown and "Majority" on the outfit that won. There's no "no" here, just an enthusiastic "YES" to one of your two fit ideas.

How does the timing work?

We know that time is (typically!) of the essence when you're deciding what to wear. With each fit-check poll, you'll set a deadline, which is the cut-off time for voting and when a winning fit will be crowned. Polls can be live for a short time (like 30 minutes - perfect when you're dressing for a date night), or for weeks (like if you're planning ahead for a family portrait photo shoot or just cleaning out your closet and not sure if that shirt you splurged on in 2019 still works for you).

Do I post new outfits or old outfits?

Either! We're passionate about the fact that you don't need a closet full of new clothes to look fab - but if you're deciding between new looks you just purchased - absolutely share! Just know that AMC isn't here to tempt you into adding clothes to your cart.

Can I caption my post for context?

Yes! You can also give us insight into your style (so we can help evaluate the winning look based on what you're going for) and where you're headed. You can use those search words later to look through winning polls and get an archive of style. 

What will I find in my feed?

Your feed will be filled with live polls. You can vote or not vote on them - your choice! You can easily revisit looks you liked if you voted on them on your "Profile" under "Poll History". You can toggle between polls you've voted on and polls you've posted in your Profile. 

Do I have to post?

Not if you're not feeling it! There are no minimums or limits to posting polls - share as many or as few outfit option combos as you'd like. AMC is designed to help you pick a fit AND to see what other people are wearing around the globe (without having to consume ads and sponsored content while you scroll).

Are my posts saved?

Yep, all of your past posts are saved in a private archive that you can access any time (on the app it's in your Profile under Votes Received). We also save all the polls you voted on (on the app it's in your Profile under My Votes). With all this saved inspo, you'll never have to have an "I have nothing to wear" day again, no matter how your lifestyle or body has changed!

Why is there no commenting?

Because unkind words, trolls, bots, and unsolicited opinions are absolutely not invited to the AMC party. 

Why are there no profiles?

Our subscribers aren't here to vie for followers. We're a community committed to helping all people feel good in what they're wearing, and to find a fit they look absolutely amazing in. Anonymity also keeps us all safe. If you want to invite someone, you can share on socials to invite them and they'll have a free trial to see your fit, vote on it, and maybe post some of their own polls!

Why the blurring?

It's optional but we highly recommend it. This way we can truly focus on our vote and not be distracted. We made it easy to do! 

Face blurring: The filters you see on other photo apps aren't real, and it's hard to leave a filtered digital world without feeling self-conscious about the (beautifully raw, real, and unfiltered) image in the mirror. We want users to leave every experience on AMC feeling AWESOME about real life and old closets. No envy, no jealousy, just careful consideration of what's best for the person who asked. While we can and do opt out of offering filters within our own app, you can blur your face, then blur your background, then post. 

Background blurring: This provides a clean scrolling experience, and for vote considerations to be undisturbed and undistracted by background textures, colors, and patterns. Also? We wanted to eliminate any pressure to clean your room before you snap a pic. 

Can I delete my profile? What happens with my data?

Yes, you have the option to remove your profile by accessing the settings section, and upon doing so, all associated data will be permanently deleted from our application.

How do I stop the subscription payments after deleting my profile?

Following the deletion of your profile, you may proceed to the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android to terminate subscription payments.