• About Us

    Adjust My Crown exists to: 

    1. Help you answer the question, "What should I wear?

    2. Provide a happy place to scroll for style inspo.

    We’re big fans of the people-connecting, inspiration-finding power of social media. But also … we have some issues with conventional social apps.


    Getting to see what people around the globe are wearing and how they’re styling it? Yes! Love it!


    Comparing your raw, unedited self to the perfectly curated and filtered highlight reels of others? That can be tricky …


    Constantly fielding ads and sponsored content designed to make you feel less than or in need of? Ugh.


    Fueling a culture hooked on fast-fashion? There has to be another way!

Meet Sarah

Our Founder

In 2022, I was stressed. As a mom of four — including two preteen daughters — I was concerned about the social media landscape my beautiful girls were fast approaching. While I wanted my girls to be able to connect with their peers and tap into the benefits of social media (community! creativity! the ability to crowdsource ideas!), I also wanted to do absolutely everything in my power to protect them from the detrimental side effects of that same industry.

I want my girls to grow up knowing that they are positively gorgeous without a filter. I want them to know that they are more than enough just as they are, and that their worth isn’t dependent on buying the latest fashion drop or having a magazine-worthy home or closet.

I found myself wishing for an app that would let them engage with the positive aspects of social media — scrolling for style inspo, encouraging others, feeling part of a community outside of the people they see from day to day — without the feelings of comparison, envy, and dissatisfaction that I know firsthand are par for the course when using traditional social media apps.

I couldn’t find a photo-sharing app for my girls — or, importantly, for myself — that I felt great about. So, I created one.

Not only did I want my girls — and all girls and women — to have a place online to positively engage with others and seek style inspo, I also wanted to solve a pain point in my own life: deciding what the heck to wear from day to day.

I’ve long relied on text threads with my friends to answer the question, “what should I wear?” But, let’s be honest: our loved ones aren’t always available — or up for — helping us pick a fit. Adjust My Crown lets you seek outfit advice whenever you need it from style-loving subscribers around the world.

Whether that’s before a newborn session when you’re still getting to know your new body. Or before an engagement photo shoot that will be a surprise to your closest friends and family. Or early on a Saturday morning when you’re rummaging through your closet getting dressed for the farmers market and don’t want to bug your favorite people.

I truly believe that you matter, and that, together, we can create a wave of good in the social media space. Also, know that your crown’s already there — we’re just here to help you adjust it.

xx, Sarah