• Introducing the 
    ​Feel-Good Fit Check

    Posting to Adjust My Crown is like texting your best friends for help choosing an outfit… But Better

    On AMC, you’ll post a pair of outfit options, set a deadline, and watch a supportive and stylish global community crown the winning look.

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Together, we’ll help you decide what to wear for

  • Date Night
  • A Job Interview
  • Your Baby Shower
  • An Engagement Party
  • The Farmers Market
  • Your Maternity Session
  • School
  • A New-born Shoot

Feel Confident — Because You Matter

Our opinion? You’d look amazing in any outfit. But, we also appreciate the power of positive feedback. On AMC, you’ll get a timely, crowdsourced, and confidence-boosting answer to the age-old question: “what should I wear?”


No Liking or Commenting on AMC

Only the option to cast a vote for your favorite look. There are also no filters. In fact, we use face- and background-blurring technology to eliminate the urge to make you or your house look perfect before you post a poll (because, ahem, you and it already are).

Why a Subscription?

We’re tired of being inundated with ads on social media and know you are too.

As a subscription-based app, we promise a 100% happy 

scrolling experience — one that’s free from

Messaging designed to make you feel less than
Sponsored content

Isn’t that refreshing?


What You’ll Get with an     
​Adjust My Crown Subscription

Unlimited fit-check posting

Timely, decisive, and unbiased answers to the question: “what should I wear?”

The confidence of a community-loved look for any occasion

A photo bank of all your past outfits

A feed full of global style inspo and the ability to save looks that you love    

The chance to make a difference and uplift others while you scroll


What You WON’T get on 
Adjust My Crown

Ads designed to make you feel less than

Sponsored content constantly tempting you to buy this or that

Filtered images

Follower or like-count competition or comparison

Stress to make your photos look “perfect” before you post them

Shop Your Closet

Let’s pick a perfect combo — Together

Our opinion? Your closet has more potential than you think it does. In the era of fast fashion, we invite you to fall back in love with the clothes you already own. Poll the AMC community to revive forgotten looks — and scroll your feed to be inspired by others.

What Subscribers Say

Feedback from the Adjust My Crown community

Having AMC is like having your favorite fashionista friend on call at all times to help decide what to wear. Sometimes I’d feel weird asking a friend about what to wear for something seemingly inconsequential like a grocery store run but not anymore! I love that blurred face and background so I feel like I can ask about anything, all the time, as much as I want. I ask about anything from a day spent running errands to a black tie gala - from a hair accessory to a full blown outfit! I also get a confidence boost every time I submit a poll because there’s never a wrong choice, just a better one!


I love being able to vote on other’s polls - it makes my opinion feel valuable and my ‘mindless scrolling' worthwhile. It’s such a fun, altruistic, scrolling option. I feel like I’m contributing to society!